Numbers in China range between auspicious and ominous mainly depending on the similarity between its pronunciation and that of another word which carries a positive or negative connotation.

The theory of Chinese Feng Shui posits that the TWO features yin and yang are complementary forces of all things in the world. Among young people in China, the number two has become a popular adjective to describe frank, innocent, reckless personality. In feng shui, the number 6 represents authority and power.

The number 8 is also uniquely symmetric, and when laid on its side, resembles the Greek symbol for infinity. It used to symbolize the supreme sovereignty of the emperor. So 9 or some multiple of 9 were often used in imperial house designs, like the 9, rooms in the Fobidden City.

Each of the animal signs has its own lucky numbers. It is really a bad idea to assign the number 4 to anything. Generally, door numbers and car registration numbers do not contain any 4s, especially not in the last digit-place. Although the number 4 is replete with ominous overtones, it still crops up in various contexts in China.

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For example:. In some parts of China, the 14th or 15th of the 7th month in the Chinese lunar calendar is the Ghost Festival, the date for holding sacrificial ceremonies. It is often associated with the meanings united, beginning, independent, complete and infinite. In feng shui, 3 has a natural resonance in terms of beginning, middle and end; introduction, development and conclusion. It is a neutral number. In feng shui, the 5th level of life sometimes means the best. The number 9 used to symbolize the supreme sovereignty of the emperor.

According to legend, the Forbidden City in Beijing has 9, rooms in reality, it has only 8, according to a study in The number 9, is understandable in the light of tradition that only the gods had the right to build a palace with 10, rooms. Human beings tried to get as near as possible to their ideal of perfection. Chinese dragons are often associated with the number 9. For example, a Chinese dragon is generally described in terms of nine attributes and usually has scales — 81 9x9 males plus 36 9x4 females.

There are nine forms of the dragon and the dragon has nine children. Numerical sensitivity led to the design of an elegant bridge in the Summer Palace. The bridge has 17 arches, the sum of 9 and 8, characterized by the gradual reduction in the size of the arches. A Chinese architect would never suggest a four-arch bridge. You can find many numerically neat bridges in southern cities like Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guilin.

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Do business with people, not machines. We've spent nearly 20 years building the global infrastructure expected of a Tier 1 carrier. AVOXI's global VoIP phone number network is built on the same cloud infrastructure used by Google and backed by multiple data centers for failover routing worldwide.The national conventions for writing telephone numbers vary by country.

The presentation of telephone numbers in this article does not include any international dialing codes necessary to route calls via international circuits. In examples, a numeric digit is used only if the digit is the same in every number, and letters to illustrate groups.

china phone directory

X is used as a wildcard character to represent any digit in lists of numbers. Telephone numbers in Kenya uses a 9 digit format. South Africa uses 10 digit dialling which became required since 16 January All area codes including mobile start with a "0" trunk prefix for domestic calls. Telephone numbers in China are 10 or 11 digits long excluding an initial zero which is required at times and fall in at least four distinct categories:. There are no area codes. Telephone numbers in India are 10 digits long excluding an initial zero which is required at times and fall in at least four distinct categories:.

All telephone numbers in Iran are 11 digits long initial 0 plus ten numbers. The first two or three digits after the zero are the area code.

The possibilities are: 0xx xxxx xxxx for landlines09xx xxx xxxx for cellphones and xx xxx xxx for MVNO. When making a call within the same landline area code, initial 0 plus the area code must be omitted.

An example for calling telephones in the city of Tehran is as follows:. Telephone numbers were 9 digits long in Tokyo and Osaka until the late s, when a seventh digit was added to the subscriber number.

Densely populated areas have shorter area codes, while rural areas have longer area codes, but the last two digits of a five digit long area code including the first zero may also be the first two digits of the subscriber number. Area codes increase from north to south, except in areas such as the western Hokuriku region and the prefecture of Okinawa, where area codes increase from west to east or south to north.

If you are dialing from another country the international calling code for Malaysia is "60" which may be confusing; do not dial an extra "0" before the rest of the digits. Telephone numbers in Pakistan have two parts. Area codes in Pakistan are from two to five digits long; the smaller the city, the longer the prefix.When people call within Mainland China, they should dial 0 city code phone number No country code needed.

Both 3G are rarely compatible with overseas mobile phone models. China Mobile works on most phone models with its 2G network. It has good coverage and voice quality but very slow intertnet speed. To use your mobile phone with high speed data, you may consider buying China Unicom Prepaid 3G sim card. How to choose China Uicom Prepaid 3G sim card? There are many types of different packages including nationwide packages and local packages. If you travel only in one city, you may consider buy local packages which has better value.

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If bought on contract, your phone may be locked to your carrier. You should check with your carrier if locked or not. Your carrier may charge you small fee unlocking your phone. Most 4G phone models including Verizon, Sprint, etc are also compatible.

Most prepaid sim cards have international calls disabled unless you top up certain amount of money Yuan for China Unicom and then call China Unicom to enable international call. Taiwan, Macau CNY0. Of all IP cards, IP card is of highest voice quality.

Most time you can buy at half price. Please note you are not able to use International call cards individually but have to use them on Chinese telephone or Mobile phones. Local call rate applied. You normally hand the proprietor the phone number. He dials for you and then hands you the phone.

china phone directory

There is a gadget fixed to the phone which times your call.The numerical formats of landlines and mobile phones are different: landlines have area-codes, whereas mobile phones do not. In major cities, landline-numbers consist of a two-digit area code followed by an eight-digit inner-number.

china phone directory

In other places, landline-numbers consist of a three-digit area code followed by a seven- or eight-digit inner-number. The numbers of mobile phones consist of eleven digits.

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When one landline is used to dial another landline within the same area, it is not necessary to specify the area-code. Between different areas, the target-number must be prepended with the trunk-prefix, which is 0.

Calling a mobile phone from a land line requires the addition of the "0" in front of the mobile phone number if they are not in the same area as well. Mobile to land line calls require the "0" and the area code, if the land line is not within the same area.

Mobile to mobile calls do not require the "0". The "0" is not dialled from outside mainland China.

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In addition, the PRC numbering plan once reserved space for Taiwanbut have dropped this practice. In mainland China, mobile phone numbers have 11 digits in the format 1xx-xxxx-xxxx except forwhich are digit IoT numbersin which the first three digits 13x to 19x designate the mobile phone service provider.

Before GSM, mobile phones had 6-digit later upgraded to 7-digit numbers starting with 9, and had the same numbering format with fixed-line telephones. Those numbers were eventually translated into xx9xxx, where xx were local identifiers. The oldest China Mobile GSM numbers were digit long, and started with inthe second oldest in and, in The oldest China Unicom numbers started with inthe second oldest in Keeping the same number over time is somewhat associated with stability and reliability of the owner.

The 5th to 7th digit sometimes relates to age and location. As the 4th digit was introduced in July 22,China's mobile phone numbers upgraded from digit to digit, with 0 added after 13x, and thus HLR code became 4-digit long, to expand the capacity of the seriously fully crowded numbering plan.

In15x numbers were introduced. In late17x were introduced. In16x and 19x were introduced. In Decembereach cell phone number is required to be consigned to a real name in mainland China.

The prefix 1 is used exclusively by the national capital, Beijing Municipality. These are area codes for the municipalities of ShanghaiTianjin and Chongqingas well as several major cities with early access to telephones.

All of these cities have upgraded to an 8-number system in the past decade.Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive partnerships. A paid subscription is required for full access.

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